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W M Walsh Surfacing Ltd are fully committed to the use of all types of recycled materials to fulfil our commitment in reducing waste to landfill sites, and so reducing pollution caused by the disposal of waste.

The recycling of construction waste reduces the need for virgin materials to be used therefore protecting natural sources for future generations and reducing the huge amount of energy needed for producing new materials from raw materials. We aim to assist our clients in reaching their recycled waste targets by using suppliers who only promote the use of reclaimed aggregate.

In recognising our responsibility to the industry our investment is in new, quality equipment that is efficient and environmentally friendly.

The use of recycled aggregate will have a positive impact on the world in which we live.

Waste Carrier Certificate

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New Compact Crusher

Crusher Crusher Crusher

In our continuing strive to reduce landfill W M Walsh Surfacing has recently (May 2011) invested in a compact crusher machine to work alongside screeder. Light construction waste can be loaded, crushed and sorted through screeder to recycle excavation waste.

Recycling Waste & SMR Proprietary Binder

W M Walsh Surfacing Ltd process incoming waste and turns it into a useable backfill product that outperforms traditional methods and materials. To achieve this they use a Proprietary Binder manufactured by SMR (UK) Ltd. The SMR Binder is added to the waste which changes the spoil into a high quality, structural material for backfill.

Benefits of the Recycling Process

The benefits of this recycling process are passed on to the customer by enabling a ‘One Stop Shop’ method. These are:

  • The ability to tip your waste and collect a superior backfill product from one place.
  • This saves time and money due to less trips to Tip and Quarry
  • This significantly reduces carbon footprint by means of a reduction in diesel costs and CO₂ emissions.
  • This recycling method greatly helps our company’s mission to ‘The Road to Zero’ recycling targets.

A Superior Backfill Product

SMR Proprietary Binder:

  1. Dries out and stabilises excess moisture for optimum compaction.
  2. Bonds soil particles increasing its density
  3. Strengthens the soil by as much as 600%

Other benefits are:

  • Its cures and gains performance strength for 28 days meaning a much higher performing product than traditional products
  • The product bonds to the existing ground meaning the backfilled reinstatement will not sink creating defects.
  • It is NOT frost-heave susceptible.

Added Value and Peace of Mind

For a waste to become a product, it has to go through a series of processes and tests which have been set down in the WRAP Quality Protocol, which is followed meticulously by W M Walsh Surfacing Ltd. This ensures that the customer is using a superior product, which has undergone screening and crushing methods, and a multitude of tests. For added value, SMR (UK) Ltd will perform testing on the product when it has been backfilled with state of the art technology testing equipment.

So, for added value and peace of mind, the customer gets a product that has a method that can be tracked from ‘cradle to grave’. This means the product:

  • Has been crushed and screened to a required standard
  • Has a multitude of tests done on the product in the production stage
  • Has tests done on the product before it leaves the facility.
  • Is tested after it has been backfilled.

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